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STRONG Curves Booty Bands

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STRONG Curves Booty Bands $29.97AUD

Get A Tighter, More Lifted And Rounder Butt In As Little As 2 Weeks!

  • Diminish the appearance of saddlebags, cellulite, hip dips and banana rolls
  • Sculpt your lower body in all the right places to get hourglass curves
  • Fix ‘dead butt’ syndrome (gluteal amnesia) and glute imbalances
  • Finally feel confident in a bikini

Why you need STRONG Curves

Booty Bands in your life!

Firstly, umm… hello booty gains! Need I say more?!

If you want to sculpt some serious buns, then you absolutely MUST start doing glute activation exercises as part of your glute workout regime. Period.

Do yourself a favour and watch this  game changing booty growth video.

Or maybe you can’t afford a gym membership and have limited space at home to workout, then STRONG Curves Booty Bands are the go-to solution.

Basically, every girl needs a decent set of booty bands in her gym bag.

But with so much choice (ahem… *read* crap) on the internet, it’s hard to find a quality set that actually stands the test of time.

Here’s how it goes:

So you order a set of booty bands online. You’re super excited to receive them in the mail, visualising all the epic booty workouts you’re gonna do.

But when they arrive in a pack of five, the two heaviest ones are so thick they don’t even fit your thighs (and just end up at the bottom of your gym bag, never to be used again).

Oh… and the lightest band ALWAYS snaps in the first week.

Then you’re left with only two medium bands, but they’re awkward af because they constantly roll up or curl (and they have that gross rubber smell to them too). 

Arrghhh… so frustrating!!

And also, side note: why, oh WHY, are all resistance bands either ugly boring colours, or only girly peach pink?!

I just want a set of reliable, pretty bands that do the job and don’t snap or curl.

Seriously… is that too much to ask?!

So you know what I thought?

If I can’t find the perfect set of booty bands, I’ll just make my own :)

I spent the best part of 2 years designing, prototyping, testing and perfecting my STRONG Curves Booty Bands. I have put my blood, sweat and tears into these babies…

And I’m proud to say that they are THE best on the market. Hands down.

Check out this FREE STRONG Curves Booty Band Home Workout that you can do with your very own set!

What are STRONG Curves Booty Bands for?

Glute activation drills to learn how to ‘switch on’ your weak glutes, especially if you’re quad dominant

Rehabilitation exercises to strengthen the gluteal muscles after an injury or dysfunction

Glute activation exercises to warm up your muscles before your lower body workout

Adding extra resistance to make your lower body workouts more glute-focused and challenging

Home workouts to add variety if you have limited space and no access to equipment

I'm Shelley Darlington
Founder of STRONG Curves

I’m all about being transparent and open… and I want to make sure that every product I put out into the world is not only the highest quality, but also of the most value to you and the health of the planet :)

So I’m going to let you in on the nitty-gritty of the booty band industry…

What's so special about

STRONG Curves Booty Bands?

Here are the 4 main problems with all the other generic bands on the market:


Sounds a little umm… superficial? Maybe. But, the typical blue/green/red/yellow combo is so uninspiring… and just because you're female, doesn’t mean you're automatically obsessed with peachy pink.

Solution: STRONG Curves Booty Bands are just so damn pretty. Rocking these booty bands are sure to boost your motivation and that's got to mean better booty gains too, right? ;)


Incorrect sizing is why most bands curl, roll or snap (using the wrong band for the wrong exercise doesn't help either). Inferior bands are are too short at only 10” in length. Anything below a 0.7mm thickness snaps easily and anything over 1.0mm is too thick to even use effectively.

Solution: STRONG Curves Booty Bands will not curl, roll or snap! The perfect dimensions 12” x 2” for optimal resistance strengths and full range of motion for ALL exercises.


Most generic booty bands are made from a rubber and plastic mix called thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). It easily deteriorates in the sun or with heat and gives off a gross smell. They end up littering the planet with more toxic plastic - just think how many would end up in landfill

Solution: STRONG Curves Booty Bands are 100% natural latex with no TPE, safer for the environment, better for your health and will last longer. Latex is durable and odourless too. 


The perfect range for resistance strength is between 0.7-1.0mm. Anything less is too weak and anything more is too strong to use effectively. Usually, five bands per set is the norm, but to make them fit in a set with enough of a difference in strengths, you have to go out of the optimal range. i.e. there is always at least one band in your set that is a dud.

What a waste of your money! You think you’re getting more value with an extra band, but in reality, you’re just getting duped. Also, it just adds more plastic rubbish into the world - something I actually care about minimising when creating quality products!

Solution: STRONG Curves Booty Bands come in a set of four within the optimal range of resistance strengths (0.7, 0.8, 0.9, 1.0mm) - tried and tested so each and every band in your set will perform and last! Quality not quantity is the motto for everything ;)

STRONG Curves Booty Bands

  • 4 varying resistance strengths
  • Suitable for all fitness levels
  • Natural latex is durable and long lasting
  • Non toxic and eco-friendly
  • Won’t curl, roll or snap
  • Convenient travel bag for use anywhere

STRONG Curves Bands vs. Fabric Hip Bands:

What's The Difference?


ALL Exercises


Limited Exercises

If you want your booty to get that round full 3D look, you have target all three of the glute muscles with a wide range of exercises. With fabric hip bands that sit around your thighs, you are limited to only a few exercises. They’re great for crab walks or clamshells… but, that’s about it. STRONG Curves Booty Bands allow you to do so much more! Placing the bands around your ankles, knees or thighs during your booty workouts means you can do ALL of the important movements such as, hip abduction, hip extension as well as, internal and external rotation exercises for maximum booty growth results.


Full Range Of Motion


Limited Range

Full range of motion (ROM) is the measurement of movement around a specific joint or body part, when you perform an exercise. It’s one of the fundamental pillars of STRONG Curves training! FYI: working on your flexibility will help you get better range of motion so don’t forget to stretch! Bottom line - if you don’t perform every single exercise with full ROM, you simply will not get results, because without it you cannot contract your muscles to their fullest. Maximum muscle contraction = better booty growth! Because STRONG Curves Booty Bands are designed to be used around ankles as well as above the knees at varying strengths of resistance, you will always be able to get full ROM with every exercise, unlike restrictive fabric hip bands that limit your range of motion.


Varying Strengths


One Size Fits All

Whether you’re a beginner or a more advanced booty builder, having a range of resistance bands with varying strengths is crucial. Lighter bands are better for abduction exercises with resistance around the ankles. Whereas heavier bands should be used above the knee to support your compound exercises such as hip thrusts. The 4 varying strengths of STRONG Curves Booty Bands are the perfect set, allowing you to perform all exercises with the right resistance, no matter your fitness level… unlike fabric hip bands that are a one-size fits all and too tight in comparison.

STRONG Curves Booty Bands:

The Dynamic Fit

STRONG Curves Booty Bands will feel very different to other generic rubber versions on the market. Instead of rubber ones that have a 'sticky' grip (making them prone to curling or rolling up), STRONG Curves Booty Bands are super smooth and are designed to move dynamically with the movement of your body during your booty band workouts. This means you can focus on performing your exercises, without having to worry if your booty bands are going to stay in place.

These women are getting incredible booty band results!



I was frustrated for so long because of my quad dominance which also resulted in knee pain. Squatting regularly but I was feeling nothing in my glutes. I’ve been doing Shelley’s banded glute warmups on a regular basis - such an easy fix and my knees are pain free! I kid you not, my friend gave me the best compliment; she asked if I had butt implants! Thank you!



I’m finally seeing real results from booty band workouts and Shelley’s advice on how to activate glutes! Really glad I found this. Thank you for the clear and logical advice for a beginner like me!

Our 60 Day Guarantee

STRONG Curves Booty Bands have been designed to last. But in the unlikely case that any of the bands snap,

we’ll give you a full refund within 60 days.

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