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Revealed: The Ultimate Guide To Losing Body Fat

Watch the video to learn why most weight loss "experts" have it wrong.


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Losing Belly Fat Does​​​​​n't Have To Be Hard

Most weight-loss experts have got it wrong. The ‘eat less, move more’ approach just does NOT work.

This comprehensive 69 page ebook is an actionable guide that will clear up all your confusion about weight loss and give you a simple step-by-step plan that is proven to work. You’ll learn WHY you struggle to lose belly fat and WHY nothing has ever given you long term results.

Women who have followed the advice in ‘The Ultimate Guide To Losing Belly Fat’ have lost up to 11kg of stubborn belly fat, finally fit into their dream dresses and regained their confidence with…

NO dieting, NO calorie counting and NO food scales.

Whats inside?

What You Get In This Guide

Workout & Recovery

Suitable for all levels, the 6 week workout program is easy to follow and set out week by week in a calendar style format. Based on resistance training for home or gym with minimal equipment, the workouts are designed to progress you slowly and safely to higher levels over the weeks, so that your body can adapt and avoid hitting weight-loss plateaus. There is no excessive cardio or high intensity training in this guide. Contrary to popular belief, this is not the ideal way to lose stubborn belly fat!

A full exercise glossary with instructions and demo pictures is included to ensure perfect form and technique for best results, as well as, a stress-relieving beginner’s yoga sequence for recovery, focusing on alleviating tension in the most troublesome areas like the hips, lower back and shoulders.

Nutrition & Supplements

Approved by an exercise scientist, the weekly meal guide is easy to follow and recipe-based. The focus is on clean whole foods with options for breakfast, lunch, dinner and healthy treats, without restriction or having to weigh your food. The concept is simple, eat the right things at the right times and then dieting becomes unnecessary. Vegetarian substitutes can easily be made on this meal plan too.

Food-based and pharmaceutical supplements are optional but highly recommended and linked within the guide. Based on optimising sleep, improving gut health and balancing hormones, the recommended supplements will help you switch your fat-burning mode on and get the most out of your meal plan.

Lifestyle, Habits & Sleep

Although workouts and healthy eating are necessary to lose weight, they are not the most important! This is why this guide focuses on lowering your stress levels and balancing your hormones to get you into the fat-burning mode. Learn to meditate, start a daily mindfulness practice and cultivate a positive mindset with simple hacks and tips that can have a profound effect on your life and supercharge your success!

And if you struggle to get quality sleep - this could be the biggest block to your fat-loss efforts! This guide will teach you WHY deep quality sleep is paramount to burning belly fat and HOW to fix your bedtime routine so you can access the most powerful fat-burning hormones.

Get The Guide And Lose Belly Fat Once And For All

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