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Get long lasting results on your Strong Curves journey with right program for your body type, no matter your goals or fitness level.

The Strong Curves program was a journey in self-discovery that changed the way I view my body, my food, and my thoughts. The 12 weeks helped me set building blocks for the lifestyle I carry onwards and was nothing short of miraculous. I lost weight, eliminated my back pain, improved my posture, reduced inflammation, and I'm happier and more confident with who I am. The abs and booty are also a bonus 😉! I can't thank Shell and the Strong Curves community enough for such an amazing experience!

  • Samantha
  • London, Canada
  • Strong Curves Challenge Winner 🏆

“I have done all of Shelley’s programs and I am living proof that results can happen with patience and determination! I’m stronger than ever now and fully focusing on muscle growth through progressive overload. I know that this process will be slow and steady, but I’m enjoying every moment of it. Thank you Shelley for not only helping me reach my goals and changing my mindset, but for also giving me hope when I was at my lowest point in my life. I’m so happy!! ♥️“

  • Natlie
  • Paterson, USA
  • Strong Curves Challenge Winner 🏆
Shelley Darlington

Teaching women all over the world how to sculpt strong curves and gain confidence with my digital books, courses and app.

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