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Well, looking at my pictures, you might think that I’ve always looked strong, curvy & confident. But the truth is, I haven’t always been this way & none of it came easy to me.

Real talk: I didn’t own a pair of sneakers until my mid 20’s.

Why? Because up until that point, I had never stepped foot in a gym or even exercised… ever. I avoided exercise my entire life simply because I wasn’t ‘good’ at it. Just thinking about it made me feel self-conscious and anxious. I was afraid I was going to do it wrong. I was afraid of looking stupid & getting laughed at. But most of all, I was afraid of failing.

So I avoided failure by just not trying at all.

As a kid growing up in the UK, I was super shy & skinny. High school was rough. I hated sports and I felt very self conscious of my body & my lack of physical abilities. I was that kid that always got picked last in team sports.

I longed to feel womanly & confident.


Up until my late 20’s I was a skinny & insecure people pleaser, who just floated around with no aim in life & settled for a mediocre existence. I played the ‘safe’ card & worked a soul destroying 9-5 job in the fashion industry, only to party & drink my weekends away because I was so unhappy with my life.

I just felt so stuck.

I remember, I’d come home after work and just lie on my bed of my dingy flat share & I’d imagine would it would be like to live an exciting life filled with purpose, to have the strong & curvy body or to have the confidence to quit my job & start my own business & travel the world.

“Because deep down, as hopeless as I felt, I knew I was meant for more. But I just didn’t know what that was”…

But then after years of neglecting myself, my health hit rock bottom & I ended up in hospital for 6 weeks on a drip. I lost even more weight on my already frail body & when I finally got released to go home, I stepped on the scales and my heart sank. I barely weighed 80lbs. I felt like I had the body of a teenage boy & my self esteem took a nose dive.

And that was the wake up call that I needed. That night I vowed to change my life.

So I quit my job & moved half way across the world, on my own with only 250 pounds in my pocket, to start afresh in Australia.

Those were a tough couple of years, spent soul searching & trying to find myself. I felt very lost and lonely at times and almost gave up on it all. But I realised that no one could create my life for me. Pushing past my fear of failure & learning to believe in myself was the first step. And then my life started to unfold in the most magical ways.


 I’ve always been passionate about many seemingly unrelated things: fashion, writing, creativity, entrepreneurship, travel, spirituality & self development. But it wasn’t until I met my partner, that he introduced me to the gym & lifting weights. And then everything clicked into place.

I remember my first ever session at the gym, I tried to bicep curl a 2kg dumbbell & I physically couldn’t do one rep. I left the gym feeling defeated & cried the whole way home in the car. But for the first time in my life, ever, I didn’t want to give up. I didn’t let my fear of failure stop me. Instead, it lit a fire in my belly, that still motivates me to this day.

It is this internal fire that led me to gain over 10kg muscle, gain the confidence to stand on an international bodybuilding stage, winning the bikini champion title and finally start up my dream fitness empire.

“I am undeniable proof that what may seem impossible now, can become a your reality”…

I know what it feels like to be a beginner, to feel awkward and intimidated in the gym. I know what it feels like to be uncomfortable in your body & how frustrating it is to not see the results you'd like.

And I believe that every woman deserves to feel good in her body.

I believe that you can be strong and feminine at the same time.

Most importantly, I believe that no matter what your dreams or obstacles, you have the power to change your body and your life.

That’s why I’ve dedicated the past decade to helping women just like you, through my free resources & YouTube channel, as well as online courses, training programs & guides.

Whether you’re a newbie to working out or wanting to make big change in your life, I want you to be able to look in the mirror & truly love what you see… inside & out.

Stay strong!

Love Shell xx

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