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The Strong Curves Ultimate Guide

This is your health and fitness bible. No matter your body type, fitness levels or goals, this comprehensive 3 part guide covers everything you will ever need to know so you can finally sculpt strong curves… and keep them long term!

12 Week Sculpting Program
A self-paced weights-based home workout routine that you can tailor to your fitness level and goals with minimal equipment. Suitable for all levels with a focus on sculpting strong glutes, shapely legs, a tight core and toned arms.
Nutrition For Your Body Type
No calorie counting, no restrictive meal plans or cutting out food groups. Simply focus on real whole food recipes to balance hormones, kill cravings and boost metabolism.
Mindset & Self Care Challenge
Follow Shelley’s proven methods to build a strong mindset, silence your inner critic and nurture your self belief, including a 30 Day Self Care Challenge. Plus, join hundreds of other women in our buzzing Facebook support group.

The Ultimate Guide to Losing Belly Fat (Stressed Sparrow)

Eat less, move more doesn’t work. Learn how to switch your fat-burning mode on so you can melt your stubborn belly once and for all.

6 Week Fat Burning Program
A Beginner friendly weights-based workout routine that you can do from home with minimal equipment. Boost your metabolism and tighten up your midsection. No excessive cardio, HIIT or jumping required to lose weight!
Hormone Balancing Nutrition
Easy low carb recipes and example weekly menu to boost your metabolism, balance hormones and promote maximum fat-burning.
Stress Management Plan
Proven methods to help you get into the ‘rest and digest mode’, where fat-burning can actually switch on. Plus, join hundreds of other women in our buzzing Facebook support group to stay accountable and get exclusive video content.
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