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Let’s Cut The BS.This Is Not YourTypical Fitness eBook.

A 247 page guide that teaches you how to eat and train for your body type and shape.

by Shelley Darlington

Why Strong Curves?

Hi, I’m Shelley Darlington, a fitness educator and the Founder of Strong Curves. I’m also a qualified personal trainer and yoga teacher with over a decade of industry experience.

I’m all about empowering women to feel confident in their bodies while learning to embrace themselves just as they are. I created the Strong Curves Ultimate Guide to teach you exactly how to master your body and your mind so you can get in the best health and shape of your life… forever!

Over the last decade, I have helped thousands of women, just like you, who have struggled with their body image and their health, by showing them how to live a balanced lifestyle and finally get a grip on their bodies.

If you already eat healthy and you’ve been killing yourself in the gym but you can’t seem to get the results to match your efforts, then this guide will open your eyes to the truth. What I’ve discovered is that most women still believe that getting in shape comes down to eating salads and doing more burpees. But here’s how you really master your body:

    ✅ Eat the right foods for your body type to effortlessly improve your body composition (lose fat and build muscle).
    ✅ Lift weights according to your body shape and sculpt strong curves in all the right places.
    ✅ Lower your stress and harness the power of your mind so you can unlock your true potential.

Master Your Mind. Master Your Body.

Do You Know Your Body Type And Shape?

Shelley Darlington

You are unique… yes, YOU!

We’re all built differently and respond to food and exercise in different ways. There really is no one-size-fits-all approach to getting the body and health that you want. That’s why I teach women how to get in touch with their own bodies. Learning your body shape and type will catapult your results so you can finally unlock your true potential and play to your strengths.

I don’t believe in spoon-feeding you a generic meal plan and cookie-cutter workout like so many fitness influencers do. When you start to understand how your own body works, how certain foods affect it and what’s best for your unique shape, you can start to take your power back. Only then, can you stop relying on fitness gurus whose only aim is to keep you dependent on them so that you’ll keep coming back for more (and continue to spend money on their useless services).

But not me, nope.

I want to SET YOU FREE.

    ❌ Stop yo-yoing from one workout plan to another.
    ❌ Stop the all-or-nothing approach to diet (in fact, stop dieting altogether).
    ❌ Stop second-guessing and getting lost in a sea of fitness bullsh*t.

My aim is to empower you with the knowledge to start taking control of your own body, in the most simple and fuss-free way.

The Strong Curves Ultimate Guide is your literal training and nutrition bible. The holy grail of health and fitness. The only thing you’ll ever need to read when it comes to mastering your body. Once you’ve read it you’ll:

    💡 Have the power to discern what’s right and what’s not for YOUR body (and screw what the status quo says).
    💡 Develop your own highly sophisticated bullsh*t radar (no more falling for skinny teas and waist trainers).
    💡 Feel empowered, full of clarity and confident enough to make your own decisions, based on what FEELS best for you.
    💡 Be able to take any fitness plan and tweak it to your specific needs so you can get the best results.

Whats inside?

This is your health and fitness bible. No matter your body type, fitness levels or goals, this comprehensive 3 part guide covers everything you will ever need to know so you can finally sculpt strong curves… and keep them long term!

Sculpting Weights Program
A weights-based home workout routine that you can tailor to your fitness level and goals with minimal equipment. The self-paced workouts are designed to progress you safely from beginner level with a focus on sculpting strong glutes, shapely legs, a tight core and toned arms. With yoga recovery sequences included, it’s really up to you how you move through the program because at Strong Curves we know that the plan you can actually stick to, is the one that works.
Nutrition For Your Body Type
There’s no one size fits all diet. Whether you want to shred body fat or build shapely curves, the key is to understand how to eat for your unique needs. No calorie counting, no restrictive meal plans or cutting out food groups. Simply focus on real whole foods that are lower in processed carbohydrates in order to balance your hormones, kill your cravings and boost your metabolism. With easy recipes, meal planning tips, example weekly menu and shopping lists included, all the confusion is taken out of the equation, so you can just focus on getting healthy and feeling awesome.
Mindset & Self Care Challenge
Being able to stick to a healthy lifestyle requires a strong mindset. Cultivating healthier habits, staying motivated and learning to trust yourself when things get tough on your fitness journey is the key to long term success. Follow Shelley’s proven methods to build a strong mindset, silence your inner critic and nurture your self belief, including a 30 Day Self Care Challenge. Plus, join hundreds of other women in our buzzing Facebook support group to stay accountable and get exclusive video content.
Plus access to all future challenges
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Part One:
✅ The truth about the fitness industry
✅ Training myths debunked
✅ Common gym FAQs answered
✅ Training tips to level up your workouts
✅ How to workout for your body shape
✅ Separate 12 week workout pdf
✅ 4 yoga recovery sequences
Part Two:
✅ The truth about nutrition
✅ Food myths debunked
✅ Learn the nutrition basics and how foods affect your body
✅ Stop counting calories and start eating intuitively
✅ How to eat for your body type
✅ Example body type meal guide with 6 recipes included
✅ Shopping lists, practical tips and meal planning
Part Three:
✅ Reframe your mindset for success
✅ Stop comparing yourself to others
✅ Get over your fear of failure and feel more confident in the gym
✅ Improve your body image
✅ Mindfulness, motivation and self love practices
✅ Workouts for your mind
✅ 30 Day Self Care Challenge

Build Strength, Lose Body Fat And Sculpt Curves At Home.

4 x Weekly Strong Curves Workouts Will Give You:

Tight and strong waist
Shapely lean legs
Rounder and fuller butt
Toned arms and back

Stop Counting Calories And Start Living!

How To Eat For YOUR Body Type:

Flexible low carb to suit your needs
Fuel your workouts correctly
Eliminate cravings
Boost your metabolism
Balance your hormones
Feel satiated and energised

What You Get

📖 247 Page Strong Curves Ultimate Guide pdf
💪🏼 12 Week Strong Curves Workout Program pdf
💜 30 Day Self Care Challenge pdf
🗓 Monthly Calendar Planner pdf

All digital documents come in a
downloadable and printable pdf format

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