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Sculpt Strong, Sexy GlutesWith Strong CurvesBooty Bands

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It's All About The Booty Pump! 🍑

A round and peachy butt is what you want, right? Well, I hate to break it to you, but squats and lunges alone just ain’t gonna cut it. If you aren’t adding booty band drills to your routine, you are missing out on epic glute gains, just sayin’ 😏


Because most of you are quad dominant with weak and inactive glute muscles. Which means that no matter how many squats you do, your thighs will always take over and your glutes will simply take a back seat.

Learning to switch on ALL 3 of your gluteal muscles is key 🔑

Yes, your butt is made up of 3 separate muscles (Maximus, Medius, Minimus) and if you want a round 3D looking tushie then you’ve gotta work it from all angles. Cue your new best friend… 🔑

Here’s the science-y bit:

Strong Curves Booty Bands work by ‘priming’ your glutes for action before your heavier lifts by isolating the gluteal muscles withlow resistance and high repetitions to get as much blood flow to the area. The more blood flow the bigger the ‘pump’. And the bigger the pump, the more your glutes will grow.

Basically, your butt should be on fire and visibly ‘pumped up’ during your glute activation exercises. That’s how you teach the right muscles to switch on so that when you go to do your squats and lunges, your glutes will *actually* do the work (with no lower back or thigh action - yippee!)

Watch this video to learn more:

  • 4 Strong Curves Booty Bands + drawstring travel bag

  • 4 varying strengths (light, medium, heavy and x-heavy)

  • 100% eco-friendly natural latex (no toxic rubber or TPE)

  • Seamless technology (anti-snap and won’t curl)

Build A Better Booty with Strong Curves Booty Bands

✅  Minimise the appearance of saddlebags, cellulite, hip dips and banana rolls

✅  Sculpt your lower body in all the right places for hourglass curves

✅  Fix ‘dead butt’ syndrome (gluteal amnesia) by learning to activate your butt muscles correctly

✅  Finally feel confident in a bikini

What Are Strong Curves Booty Bands For?

  • ✅  Glute activation drills to learn how to ‘switch on’ your weak glutes, especially if you’re quad dominant
  • ✅  Rehabilitation exercises to strengthen the gluteus muscles after an injury or dysfunction
  • ✅  Glute warm up exercises to activate your muscles for more effective booty workouts
  • ✅ Adding extra resistance to make your lower body workouts more glute-focused and challenging
  • ✅ Home workouts to add variety if you have limited space and no access to equipment

Why I designed Strong Curves Booty Bands

Hey! My name is Shelley Darlington, fitness entrepreneur, truth speaker, mind liberator and founder of Strong Curves - a movement that empowers women to take control of their health, sculpt curves and gain confidence.

I’ve been lifting weights and honing my glute training techniques for over a decade and during that time, I have been through many, many pairs of booty bands *sigh*. After all, they are a must-have accessory if your goal is to sculpt some serious buns.

But they were either too light and snapped within the first week, or too heavy and simply ended up at the bottom of my gym bag, never to be seen again. Not to mention most are just ugly colour ways and made of toxic TPE and rubber that gives off a putrid smell. The thought that most of these poor quality booty bands end up in landfill hurt my heart.

So, I decided the only way to solve the problem was to make my own. It was during the time when fabric hip bands were all the rage. But *shock horror* I’ve never been a fan - they simply aren’t as effective as booty bands, training-wise, and although they claim to be more eco-friendly they still typically use toxic TPE and rubbers to make them elasticated - something I feel very strongly about minimising for the health of our planet.

I wanted a set of bands that were superior when it came to quality, from the eco-friendly materials used, to the working standards of the factory employees and of course, that the bands would give you the best booty workout of your life! After 2 years of designing, prototyping and testing, Strong Curves Booty Bands were born.

Strong Curves For Sustainability

Strong Curves is proud to be a member of the Eco-Packaging Alliance - because creating an eco-friendly product would be futile if our packaging wasn’t also good for the planet.

100% Compostable Mailer Bags & Shipping Labels

✅ Plant-based material
✅ TUV Austria, BPI & Dincerto certification
✅ Degrades fully within 90-180 days
✅ Breaks down into soil enhancer

100% Recycled & FSC-Certified Thank You Cards

✅ Fully compostable
✅ Breaks down within 90-180 days
✅ Non-toxic & soy-based inks
✅ One tree planted with every order

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