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Lose Belly Fat WithoutWithout Counting Calories OrOr Stepping Foot On A Treadmill

A 69 page guide to help you lose stubborn belly fat by optimising your hormones.

by Shelley Darlington

“Eat less, move more” doesn’t work.

…not in the long term anyway.

If you already eat healthy and you’ve been killing yourself in the gym but that extra jiggle around your waistline won’t budge, you’re probably a Stressed Sparrow body type. For you, losing your stubborn belly fat comes down to your hormones - not your exercise regime.

I’ve been helping women shed body fat, sculpt curves, and re-gain confidence for nearly a decade. What I’ve discovered is that most women still believe weight loss is all about cutting calories and upping the cardio. But here’s how you really get rid of stubborn belly fat:

Eat more of the right types of foods for your body type to balance your hormones. Lift weights to boost your metabolism and sculpt strong curves in all the right places. Lower your stress and fix your sleep so your body can get into the fat-burning mode.

“Start looking at fat loss as ‘hormone’ thing rather than a ‘calories’ thing”

…and then watch how effortless your weight loss journey becomes.

What is a Stressed Sparrow body type?

A top-heavy physique
Poor fitness levels
Holds most of their body fat around their torso
Flat glutes and little-to-no muscle mass on lower body
Loose, flabby and wobbly skin - especially on arms

Stressed Sparrow Body Type Symptoms

If you have most of these symptoms, you are probably a Stressed Sparrow, which means typical fat loss programs aren’t going to work for you.

Always hungry and cravings for sugar and carbs
High blood pressure, high blood sugar and high cholesterol
Fluid retention, swollen ankles, puffy eyes and dark circles
Bloating after meals, sleepy after eating and afternoon crashes
Heart burn, acid reflux or gurd - especially at night
Insomnia, light sleep, wired at night and groggy in the morning
Brain fog, overthinking, poor focus and memory loss
Mood swings, irritability, anxiety or depression
Allergies, sinus issues, snoring or sleep apnea
Poor digestion, diarrhoea or constipation and skin breakouts
Exhaustion, lethargy and dizziness doing every day activities
Low libido, irregular menstrual cycles or amenorrhea
Hair loss, thinning hair, brittle nails and dull skin
Muscle cramps, eye twitches and joint pain
Strong Curves testimonial

“It's insane how satisfying the meal plan is! My body already feels like it’s healing, stress levels decreasing and sugar cravings fading.”

Strong Curves testimonial

“Shelley’s approach is so refreshing. I’m applying her knowledge and advice from the Stressed Sparrow Guide to my strength training program and eating plan, already seeing changes and feeling well. To Shelley... thank you x”

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Whats inside?

This is your health and fitness bible. No matter your body type, fitness levels or goals, this comprehensive 3 part guide covers everything you will ever need to know so you can finally sculpt strong curves… and keep them long term!

Sculpting Weights Program
A 6 week ‘core and butt’ home workout to boost your metabolism, build strength and sculpt curves in all the right places. Suitable for all levels.
Yoga Recovery Sequences
A 30 minute relaxing floor-based yoga sequence to ease sore muscles and lower chronic stress levels. Perfect for beginners.
Fat-Burning Meal Guide
A low carb high fat weekly menu designed to balance hormones, eliminate cravings and keep you satiated. Plus four delicious recipes with breakfast, lunch, dinner and healthy treats included.
Gut-Healing Supplement Protocol
A variety of optional food-based and natural supplements to aid digestion, boost gut health, restore deep sleep and balance hormones.
Stress Management Plan
A practical step by step plan to help you lower stress levels, fix your sleep and cultivate a positive mindset so you can access the fat-burning mode.

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