Are You Ready To Lose Belly Fat... Without Counting A Single Calorie Or Stepping Foot On A Treadmill?

Less effort. Better results.

Get the Stressed Sparrow guide: a 69 page e-book that teaches women how to get into the fat-burning mode… even if you’ve struggled to lose weight your whole life.

  • Learn a step-by-step fat loss strategy designed for stressed-out women with whacked-out hormones
  • Lose your stubborn muffin top and love handles by doing less cardio and eating more
  • Get into a healthier routine and stay motivated so you can lose the weight… and keep it off!

I'm Shelley Darlington
Founder of STRONG Curves

I’ve been helping women sculpt curves, build strength and gain confidence for nearly a decade. In those ten years, as a qualified personal trainer, I have tried and tested every generic diet method going (both on myself as a bikini fitness competitor wanting to shred fat fast, as well as, coaching clients all over the world to look and feel their best).

But it wasn’t until I learned about the strategies in this guide, that everything clicked into place and the belly fat melted off effortlessly. I felt like I’d unlocked the vaults to a secret code that non-one else was privy to… and I want to share it with you now, so that you can achieve the incredible fat loss results that all my clients and I have experienced too.

*HINT* the solution is always the simplest one.

Do you want to lose stubborn belly fat... and keep it off indefinitely?

Stupid question - of course you do.

I’m guessing because you’re here reading this, that you’ve tried everything already, right?

You already eat healthy, you’ve been killing yourself in the gym and doing your due diligence on the treadmill. But that extra jiggle around your waistline just won’t budge!

So, why aren’t you seeing the results you’d hoped for?

Well, there are a million and one fat loss methods online. Can they help you lose belly fat? Sure! Some may even promise to do it in 2 weeks! But…

It’s a trap.

Cut your calories. Eat bland chicken and broccoli. Do hours of cardio. Burpee your life away.

Sounds like hell to me.

And your results are always short lived because... who can realistically sustain that?!

“95% of diets fail and most will regain more weight than they lost within in 1-5 years”

~ The Council on Size and Weight Discrimination

You spend the entire time fighting your hunger, obsessing over ‘naughty’ foods and feeling utterly exhausted until you cave in and demolish a tub of Ben & Jerry’s in one sitting and think…

Oh well, f*ck it.

You will inevitably, always go back to your old habits and gain ALL the weight back (and some extra too) until you learn how to get a grip on your body and your mindset.

So, what are your options for losing belly fat?

You could hire a personal trainer 3 times per week...

But it’s hard to find a good one who doesn’t just give generic (or bad) advice, without charging you hundreds of dollars, only for you to hit a weight loss plateau anyway.

You could try the latest fad diet or workout trend...

But all this does is perpetuate that yo-yo mentality of ‘binge/purge’ and leaves you stuck on a never-ending cycle, always searching for the next quick fix.

You could copy an influencer on YouTube...

But they’re just young, inexperienced and more concerned with earning commissions by pushing their useless supplements on to you, rather than actually helping you achieve real results.

No matter what you do, it either costs too much of your time, your money, or your energy… for very little results.

Now imagine a different scenario...  

Stay​ motivated consistently and actually enjoy your workouts

Crush your cravings, eat more food and feel energised

Exercise less intensely but more effectively

Stop the constant yo-yoing & free yourself from the diet trap

...and still lose belly fat effortlessly.

Wait... how is this even possible?

Sounds too good to be true, right?

Everything you’ve ever learnt about weight loss states that you have to restrict, deprive and suffer to get there.

It’s frustrating to hear your doctor/PT/nutritionist dismiss your struggles and simply tell you to eat less and move more.

But that approach simply does not work, because those ‘experts’ have got it all wrong.

You see, diet and exercise can help you lose belly fat but… ONLY if your hormones are balanced first.

What is a Stressed Sparrow body type?

A Stressed Sparrow body type typically holds most of their body fat around the torso, particularly the lower abdomen. They will also have very flat glutes with little-to-no muscle mass in the lower body.

Stressed Sparrow body types struggle to lose stubborn belly fat, in spite of all their efforts to eat clean and exercise regularly.

No matter how hard you workout or how strict you are on your low fat low calorie diet, you just cannot get rid of your muffin top and love handles.

But how do I know if I'm a Stressed Sparrow?

Pay attention to how you feel. If you hold most of your belly fat around your waistline, but you also suffer from:

  • Overthinking, worrying, muddled thoughts, indecisiveness or inability to switch off
  • Insomnia, light sleeper, wired at night but sleepy during the day or difficulty getting out of bed in the morning  
  • Poor focus, inability to concentrate, eyes glaze over when other people talk, memory loss or brain fog 
  • Mood swings, anxiety, depression, irritability, impatience or get upset over little things
  • Low libido, irregular menstrual cycles, amenorrhea
  • Allergies, sinus issues, snoring, sleep apnea or skin breakouts
  • Hair loss or hair thinning, brittle nails, dull skin
  • Loose skin, wobbly, jelly-like flabby skin, especially on the arms
  • Fluid retention (holding water), swollen ankles, puffy eyes and dark circles
  • Food cravings, particularly for sugar and carbs
  • Bloating after meals, sleepy after eating, heart burn, acid reflux, gurd 
  • Exhausted/dizzy/weak when walking incline or up stairs (as opposed to flat surface walking)
  • High blood pressure, high blood sugar (pre-diabetic or type II), high blood cholesterol
  • Muscle cramps, left eye twitching, joint pain in the knees, wrists, hips or excessive tartar build up on teeth

4 Most Important Hormones For Losing Belly Fat

Bring your body back to balance so that you can enter the fat-burning mode and actually trigger weight loss with specific foods, exercise and lifestyle protocols:


The stress’ hormone that switches fat-burning OFF and eats away at muscle

Solution: Stop sabotaging your progress by lowering cortisol through stress reduction techniques to help you get into the fat-burning mode. Support adrenal function with specific foods and the right type of exercise for YOUR body type.


The ‘fat-storing’ hormone triggered by processed carbs and refined sugars

Solution: Become a lean, mean fat-burning machine by eating the right foods for YOUR body type and goals. By increasing healthy fats and lowering insulin-spiking foods, you will feel energised and eliminate cravings as well as, balance leptin and ghrelin levels - your hunger and satiety hormones. Win-win.


The ‘fat-burning’ hormone produced in your gut and helps you sleep

Solution: Optimise gut health and eliminate bloat with specific foods and natural supplements to increase melatonin levels and access the fat-burning mode while you sleep.


The ‘muscle-building’ hormone secreted during deep sleep cycles

Solution: Access this miracle hormone by fixing your sleep regime and balancing your circadian rhythm to change your body composition from flabby and weak to strong and sculpted!

Stress is stopping you getting into the

fat-burning mode!

All these hormones play their role in keeping your body lean, strong and thriving, but it’s cortisol that has a negative domino effect on all the others.

Let me explain:

Cortisol is your ‘stress’ hormone and it’s secreted by your adrenal glands.

In an otherwise perfectly healthy body, this hormone acts as a kind of internal alarm bell and does things like wake you up in the morning or helps you become alert in the face of danger.

Sporadic bursts of cortisol are a totally normal bodily function but, when it is chronic and constant… it becomes a serious problem.

It’s the everyday stresses of life that can send this hormone out of whack with no OFF switch:

  • Over-working or a high pressure job
  • Surgery, chronic illness or excessive medications
  • Emotional trauma, loss or grief
  • Family feuds, divorce or unstable home life
  • Pregnancy, childbirth or miscarriage

Chronically elevated cortisol levels will stop your body from being able to lose body fat or build muscle, regardless of how good you are with your diet and exercise!

This is because constantly high cortisol levels keep you in the sympathetic nervous system (SNS), better known as the ‘fight or flight’ mode… and that spells trouble for your waistline!

Chronically elevated levels of cortisol will:

  • Break down healthy muscle tissue (making booty gains non-existent)
  • Increase stubborn belly fat 
  • Increase appetite & sugar cravings (making dieting impossible!)
  • Impair insulin function (switching fat storing hormone ON and can lead to obesity and type II diabetes)
  • Inhibits quality sleep (so you can’t produce powerful fat burning hormones, melatonin and growth hormone)

The Key Is Stress Reduction... Then Fat Burning Becomes Effortless

If you’re a Stressed Sparrow, eating less and moving more simply isn’t going to cut it!

Stop wasting your time with the standard dieting approach that doesn’t address the REAL reason you can’t lose weight.

I know it’s hard to let go of the old paradigm - we’ve been brainwashed about our food and weight loss for decades! But…

You cannot do the same thing over and over and expect a different result.

I won’t lie to you and tell you it’s going to be an easy quick fix… because there are no quick fixes! Long term success requires you to make changes to your lifestyle, to put your health first and to practice true self-love.

If you are willing to do this, then a healthy, thriving body can absolutely be YOURS.

Whether your weight gain has been gradual over many years or whether you have struggled with belly fat for as long as you remember, do not lose hope!

You can absolutely reverse the damage and this guide is going to show you step-by-step how to start restoring your adrenals and lower your cortisol levels in order to unlock your body’s natural fat-burning capabilities… only then, will diet and exercise be effective.

Melt your stubborn belly fat, once and for all.

Introducing: The Ultimate Guide To Losing Belly Fat

(Stressed Sparrow Body Type)

The Ultimate Guide To Losing Belly Fat (Stressed Sparrow Body Type) is a 69 page downloadable e-book in pdf format, available worldwide for lifetime access on all your devices. This is not just another generic weight loss program with restrictive dieting and strenuous exercise!

The basis for this guide is:

If you focus on getting healthy first, then losing weight becomes an effortless byproduct.

The Ultimate Guide To Losing Belly Fat $39.97AUD

What's Inside The Ultimate Guide To Losing Belly Fat?

Stress Management Plan

Eliminate stress with meditation, journaling and positive mindset reframing techniques to get into the ‘rest and digest’ mode, where fat-burning can finally switch ON.

Sleep Schedule

Fixing your sleep/wake cycle is essential! Access your body’s powerful fat-burning hormones during the crucial deep sleep cycles with a solid bed time regime. Learn to relax and melt belly fat while you sleep.

Stress Relieving Supplement Protocol

 A variety of optional food-based and natural supplements that support your adrenal function, stabilise insulin levels, boost gut health and restore deep sleep. Give your body the best chance to thrive and feel your best.

Yoga Recovery Sequence

A 30 minute yin style yoga recovery sequence suitable for all levels, to help you relax and ease sore muscles - the perfect compliment to the sculpting weights program, targeting the lower back, hips and shoulders joints.

Sculpting Weights Program

A full 6 week core and butt workout regime plus exercise glossary, suitable for all levels. No more countless hours on the treadmill or HIIT classes that leave you feeling exhausted. Focus on building overall core strength, build lean muscle in the legs and butt and tone up your arms, without spiking your cortisol levels. All workouts can be done at home or the gym with minimal equipment and take no longer than 45 minutes.

Fat-Burning Meal Guide

Stop dieting! No more calorie counting or restriction. Lose belly fat by simply eating real, nutrient dense food, specifically tailored to support the adrenals and stabilise insulin levels. Eliminate sugar cravings, constant hunger and afternoon crashes with Low Carb High Fat delicious meals for the whole family. Example weekly meal guide plus 4 recipes, including breakfast, lunch, dinner and a healthy sweet treat included.

Thousands of women are seeing incredible results!

Here's what they're saying...

Alva Hoglund


My body already feels like it’s beginning to heal, stress levels decreasing and sugar cravings fading

I want start off by thanking Shelley for creating such a thought through and responsible guide. She is the only fitness coach who truly explains the importance of balance in all different aspects of one’s life. The fact that the first chapters in the guide revolve around how sleep, mindfulness and changing life habits is so crucial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle rather than only nutrition and exercise makes her unique. I’ve struggled with counting calories and reaching goals. I’ve had many issues with digestion but since starting the guide, it’s insane how the meals have left me feeling so full as opposed to the constant hunger I felt on a carb-based diet. I had so many unanswered questions that I’m now starting to find answers to. Thanks for helping a stressed sparrow out!

Talita Sofija 


I lost 13kg and my waist went down from 83cm to 66cm. I feel more empowered than ever!

I struggled with confidence in the gym and relied on all the cute looking YouTube videos by famous fitness influencers, but I was still not completely happy with the results. My core was still not strong enough, despite training abs even for a whole hour every second day! And then I discovered Shelley. I’ll admit, I was hoping for a quick fix, but instead she was saying to NOT overtrain your abs or count your calories. I doubted it at first but… once I put the advice into practice, the real results came! Every single thing she advises, works like nothing else! I lost 13kg and my waist measurement went down from 83cm to 66cm. I feel more empowered than ever. Shelley's advice is brutally honest, simple and real. I would like to deeply thank Shelley for her honest advice!


Because diet and exercise is only half the solution.

Join the exclusive STRONG Curves Community

Research shows that...

“People who use support groups lose over 3 times as much weight in the first year and still maintain their results after 6 months of finishing their program”

Be supported on your journey by other STRONG Curves ladies who are already seeing incredible results on the program. In the private Facebook group you can share tips and recipes, as well as, get exclusive content and advice directly from Shelley!

Who this guide is NOT for...

  • Those looking for a quick fix with unrealistic expectations (lose x amount kg in 2 weeks)
  • Medically complicated cases (thyroid issues or other chronic illness - please consult doctor or endocrinologist)
  • Skinny fat or underweight women who should prioritise muscle building (even if they have a belly pooch!)
  • Bikini or fitness competitors wanting to shred body fat quickly for a show

Who this guide is PERFECT for...

  • Stressed Sparrow body types who exhibit most or all of the Stressed Sparrow symptoms
  • Women who want to lose over 5kg even if they hold more body fat on their lower body too
  • Women of all ages (yes, even 40+ and menopausal!)
  • Postpartum women who want to get their pre-pregnancy body back
  • Beginners to lifting weights or those who prefer to work out at home

Let's put things into perspective...

Why is this guide better than any other?

Think about how many dollars you have spent on weight loss supplements, gimmicky workout gadgets, waist trainers, fat burners, meal replacements, diet pills and generic meal plans or exercise regimes… Thousands? Tens of thousands? More?

Maybe you’ve even contemplated expensive and invasive surgery like liposuction. Or spent a fortune on pointless tests with a nutritionists, who are stumped with your symptoms.

So, if you’re hesitant to waste money on yet another weight loss program because you’ve tried them all already and still not been able to maintain your weight loss… I hear you!

Here’s the thing:

If you hired a personal trainer you’d spend an average of $60 per session.

3 sessions per week over 6 weeks can add up to anywhere between $900 and $1,350… and that’s just for training! Nutritional advice and further support would cost extra.

And trust me, having worked as PT myself for years, I know how difficult it is to fully support each and every client with the time and dedication they deserve.

You see…

Personal trainers may have good intentions but they are overworked, stressed and time poor. They simply do not have the resources to see the bigger picture and prescribe exactly what you need.

But of course, you could just do the latest fad workout trends, like Insanity or Beach Body but do they give you lasting results? No.

The problem is that they aren’t getting to the root cause of your weight gain… your hormones.

Nor are they giving you the necessary tools and information you need in order to make successful lifestyle changes.

Which is why I created this guide - The Ultimate Guide To Losing Belly Fat.

Get The Stressed Sparrow Guide 

a 69 page e-book that teaches women how to really get into the fat-burning mode.

Here’s what women are saying about Shelley

Rosalyn Bulloch


Shelley's philosophy is different and unique in a great way

I discovered Shelley last fall 5 months after giving birth to my first child. I was in such a sleep deprived haze (just normal life with a baby). Her philosophy stuck out to me as being different and unique in such a great way. While other fitness people had this high intensity, "get off your a**!" shaming energy, Shelley's message prioritized taking care of your mind and stress level first and foremost. As a new mom, that was just what I needed to hear.

Rheanon Lindley


The moment I found Shelley, it was like a light bulb switched on inside me

I am so grateful I found Shelley. I have tried EVERYTHING… and I mean everything. My hormones have been screwed up due to years of contraception. I ruined my body with starvation diets. I thought I had to work out everyday to the point of dying to get results, ironically I didn't get the results I wanted! She lit a fire inside me. I feel like I am on fire with motivation! I LOVE her videos, I love her approach, I love her knowledge! I have learnt SO much from her!

Cassandra Appleby


Shelley empowered me to start lifting weights and it changed my life!

I used to do SO MUCH HIIT! I’m even a certified trainer but hadn’t really been getting the results I wanted (In fact, I got fatter and my hormones got so messed up!). Then when I found Shelley, I did a lot of healing work around body image and mindset around food. It’s been a game changer for me because the industry really pushes and promotes cardio/HIIT! Never taking into consideration someone’s biological make up that can have effects on our energy and appearance. I’m so glad I found Shelley!!

The Ultimate Guide To Losing Belly Fat

(Stressed Sparrow Body)


(Stressed Sparrow Body)




  • Private Support Group
  • 6 Week Workout + Yoga
  • Meal Guide + Supps
  • Stress + Sleep Regime

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not sure if I'm a Stressed Sparrow body type. Will this guide work for me?

I'm over 40 and/or menopausal. Will this guide still work for me?

Is this plan OK for beginners? 

Can I do this workout plan at home? 

I'm obese. Can I still do this workout plan? 

What equipment do I need? 

I'm pregnant. Can I still do this workout plan? 

I'm vegetarian. Can I still follow this meal plan? 

What's the daily total calories on this meal plan? 

How many calories should I be having? 

Should I reduce my calories to lose more weight? 

I still have more questions! How can I contact you?


“Many women have tried weight loss programs in the past and have been burned by misinformation and generic advice. So if you're hesitant about this, I totally understand.

But I also know that losing weight the right way (i.e. putting your health first) can make all the difference to your results - especially if you suspect you struggle with hormone imbalance.

If you're tired of trying the latest "new" weight loss fad without results, now is the perfect time to apply a tried-and-true, long term weight loss strategy to lose stubborn belly fat once and for all.

The Ultimate Guide To Losing Belly Fat is just that!”

Love, Shell xx

Strong Curves by Shelley Darlington